The school is officially licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) of the Republic of Bulgaria according to the Decree of the Council of Ministers № 90 from 2018 for Bulgarian language, literature and history classes. The diplomas issued by the school are certified by the Bulgarian Ambassador to the United States and recognized in Bulgaria. Children who graduate from our school can continue their education in Bulgaria.

The classes offered by the school are:

- Fourth grade (10 y.o.)

- Fifth grade (11 y.o.)

- Sixth grade (12 y.o.)

- Seventh grade (13 y.o.)

- Eighth grade (14 + y.o.)

- First group kindergarten (3-4 y.o.)

- Second group kindergarten (5 y.o.)

- Preparatory class (6 y.o.)

- First grade (7 y.o.)

- Second grade (8 y.o.)

- Third grade (9 y.o.)

Where and when are the classes held?

The school has two branches, in Boston and in Cape Cod. School classes in Boston are held on Saturdays from 3pm to 6pm for all classes, with the exception of the alternative Bulgarian class and kindergarten first group (3-4 yo), which have classes Saturday mornings from 11am to 2pm. School classes in Cape Cod are held on Saturdays from 9.30am to 12.30pm.

Open lesson, March 3rd

Open lesson, March 3rd

The classes available in Boston and Cape Cod branches may vary. For information on the offered classes, contact the School's Academic Director.

Classification of children by classes

Determining the class in which children are enrolled is based on age (according to the table above) and on the degree of fluency in Bulgarian. The age of the children is determined on the basis of the child's completed years during the calendar year in which the respective school year commences. For example, children born during the calendar year 2012 will be 7 years old in 2019 and respectively will be enrolled in the first grade in the school year 2019/2020.

In cases where the child has reached the required age for a given class but the degree of proficiency in Bulgarian is insufficient for this class, it will be recommended that the child enroll in a lower grade. The degree of proficiency in Bulgarian is determined by the teachers.

An alternative program for children who do not speak Bulgarian

During the new school year (2019/2020) the Bulgarian school will offer a new program in Bulgarian language. It is created for children between 7 and 9 years who do not speak Bulgarian. Learning the language through this alternative program will be based on methods for learning a foreign language: situational communication, building of phraseological vocabulary, use of visual aids. We especially recommend it for families who do not have daily and diverse communication in Bulgarian. Often, this leads to a very difficult adoption of the material suggested in the MES (Ministry of Education and Science) program, which we use in regular classes.

This alternative class will enable the students to gradually enter the Bulgarian language with the help of English. Classes will be held at the Boston branch of the school from 3pm to 6pm. The admission fee and conditions are the same as for the other students. There is a 2-week trial period to decide if the program is right for your child.

If you are interested or have questions, please contact Zlatka Shishkova at

Extra curricular activities

The two branches offer different extracurricular activities such as dance, music, fine arts. The programs are determined each year depending on the interest of the children and the availability of teachers.

For the 2019-2020 school year, the Boston School Branch will offer the following extracurricular activities:

St. George’s day custom

St. George’s day custom

  • Choir for Bulgarian music

  • Fine arts workshop

  • Bulgarian folklore dancing

  • History lectures on diverse topics from the Bulgarian history

  • Lecture/conversation about the orthodox christian holidays and customs celebrated in Bulgaria

These activities are included in the school fee and will be held before classes, from 2pm to 2:45pm in the school building.

Several traditional workshops for children will be organized throughout the year:

  • Christmas

  • Martenitzi

  • Easter

Survachki workshop

Survachki workshop

Christmas cards workshop

Christmas cards workshop

Traditional methods of martenitzi making

Easter egg decoration

Differrent events are organized for parents and grandparents:

  • Handcraft social gathering

  • Book sale and bake sale

  • Christmas cards sale

  • Martenitzi sale

Bulgarian embroidery social gathering

Made in ‘Bulgarian embroidery’ gathering 2019

Granny March ties up martenitza…

Bake sale 2019 - made by a dad in our school

Please follow the school calendar for information on events.